Dear Valued Guests,

We have always had a strong commitment to keeping our properties clean, well kept, and assuring the health and safety of all people.

Today, we are happy to say our Hotels will be even cleaner and safer than before, providing the highest quality in service and stay in the Caribbean.

We have created a promise to minimise the risk for guests and staff by introducing our STAY SAFE program. This promise includes more cleaning and sanitization protocols, staff training, and an on-going dedication to make each property experience as safe as possible. Besides creating our own protocols for each Hotel, we have followed the recommendations and requirements from Local Health Officials, and international bodies like the CDC, WHO and Tour Operators we serve.

We have increased our routine cleaning schedules and applied more stringent cleaning of our guest suites, public areas, meeting rooms, restaurants, bars, pools, lounges, gyms, vehicles and “high touch” areas.

We use approved and certified disinfectants and chemicals for use against emerging viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

Where necessary, we have implemented social distancing and set new standards across the property and our facilities. Signage has been placed to notify you of any expectations. All our team members have been trained in new protocols and expectations.

The STAY SAFE promise is to ensure that both guests and staff remain confident that cleanliness, and safety is our priority. When you are ready to travel, we will be ready for you.


Rod Weatherhead
Managing Director

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Covid Quarantine Barbados cleaning 7
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CREATING A SAFE & HEALTHY HOLIDAY - Our Covid Cleaning Protocols 

What we are doing to keep you safe

Sun Group Hotels, a family-owned group of boutique Hotels in Barbados and St. Lucia is rolling out our STAY SAFE program to ensure healthy holidays for all our travelling guests and team members. Holidays can still be fun… Come enjoy, live an island life!

Hotel & Resort Initiatives:

● Team Members have been trained in their responsibility in sanitation protocols and responsibility in hand cleaning and PPE.
● Guests are encouraged to bring and wear their own personal protective equipment (PPE) during their stay. Should you need a mask or gloves, they will be available for sale. The Hotels team members will wear PPE where necessary to perform their tasks.
● Sanitization Dispensers have been placed around the property at high touch or trafficked areas.
● Emergency Medical Doctor/ Facility. Each Hotel is associated with a 24-hour on-call doctor or medical facility that can come to the Hotel, or can be visited in case of any emergency.
● Physical distancing. Guests and team members are required to practice safe physical distancing of 6ft in queue areas and around the property. Floor decals have been placed in areas to show distance requirements around the property.
● Hotel Guest elevators will be limited to 2 persons or a complete family unit per elevator, and they will be equipped with sanitizing dispensers inside, and on each floor.
● Restaurant & Bars have reduced seating capacity to limit guests to sit 6ft apart. Special standards and protocols have been implemented to perform our services and ensure a great experience.
● Pool seating is configured to allow for at least 6ft of separation between every couple, or family unit.
● The Spa will still be operational, but we have adjusted the treatments and operations to create safety for both guests and the team. As soon as time allows, we will reinstate more treatments that were stopped..
● Communication. We have initiated WhatsApp as a means of communication. Want to ask a question, or order room service? Just send us a message and we will respond whilst you are here.

●Gloves are not a requirement and a personal preference. We encourage you and our employees to clean and sanitize as regularly as needed. Gloves will be available for purchase at any of the Hotels Front desks or gift shops.
● Masks. As a form of respect and for everyone's safety, we ask that you always carry a mask, and wear it at check-in, when speaking with, or interacting with other persons in close proximity. If you are walking around the garden by yourself, you can keep it in your pocket!
● Cleaning and Sanitization officer. Each of our Hotels has appointed cleaning and sanitization officers that their job is to inspect, up-hold, and assure the protocols around the property.

In case of emergency, what you should know:

In case we are alerted that someone, either a team member or guest is subject to Covid-19 symptoms, we have determined the following:
● All our Hotels have a relationship with a Doctor and/ or medical facility that is close by and on call 24 hours for any emergencies.
● If you are not feeling well, let us know. We are here to help!
● We have designated isolation rooms at each Hotel.
● Persons who have been sent into isolation will be asked several questions on how they are feeling, the symptoms experienced, where you have been in resort, etc. and may be asked to visit a testing centre.
● We will conduct additional cleaning and disinfecting of areas that were visited.
● In the event that a guest is confirmed positive, the room or suite would be taken out of service, and undergo a specific cleaning protocol by an expert.
● The above goes for all team members as well.


● Our goal is to get you to your room as soon as possible. To speed this process up, you may pre-register your arrival by going to choose your destination hotel on this website and complete the Registration Form
● Hand sanitization units are set up at all entrances to the reception area
● The wearing of a face mask at check-in is required
● Social distancing measures are marked by foot decals where necessary
● The desk will be sanitized after each check-in
● Your bags will be sanitized before they are brought to the room

In your room:

● On arrival, you will notice the door hanger stating that your room has been sanitized and ready for your arrival
● All rooms, surfaces, carpets are cleaned with an electrostatic cleaner before arrival
● All high touch areas are cleaned and sanitized throughout the room and bathroom
● Air Conditioning units are cleaned and sanitized before your arrival
● Your room is inspected and approved ready by a Hotel Cleaning and Sanitization Officer

Food & Beverage Experience:

● Hand sanitization will be available at all entrance/ exits to our Restaurants
● If queuing is required it will be directed by floor decals 6FT apart where necessary
● Table seating in all restaurants have been arranged to separate persons 6FT apart to allow a more personalized dining experience
● Table and seats, menus will be sanitized after each use
● Buffets have been stopped, and all meals will be served A La Carte in the Restaurants
● Special protocols in serving, food preparation and hygiene have been implemented
● Personalised in-room dining experiences and room service is available at each Hotel

Enjoying our facilities:

● Limiting capacities and spacing decals are provided for guidance, but otherwise out of respect for all people we encourage you to keep 6 ft distancing from persons outside of your room or family
● Take note of our information and best practices signage around the property as a reminder of your role and responsibilities in minimizing contamination or spread.
● Enhanced and more frequent cleaning schedules have been put in place around the property ● Beach & pools have implemented best practices, and seating is arranged for families or couples to ensure social distancing.

Need more information? Dial ‘0’ to speak to a Hotel Team Member