Therapeutic Massage

Surrender your senses and release all tensions in the hands of our skilled therapists as they  treat your body with a series of customized manipulations, designed to heal, rejuvenate  and bring balance to the physical, mental and spiritual self 

 thus promoting a feeling of inner peace.

Barbados  Rumba

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60 mins


A wonderfully therapeutic Swedish massage customized to address your specific needs, using the healing combinations of warm oils and free flowing rhythmic strokes that is both calming and relaxing. This treatment is customized to address your needs.

Green Monkey Express 

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30 mins


This  treatment is a therapeutic  massage done mainly on the Back, Neck and Shoulders but can be customized to address your specific needs. This relaxing pick me up treatment, relaxes tired muscles and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Sea Current Lymphatic Massage

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80 mins


Designed to mirror the gentle rhythm of the ocean, our sea inspired Lymphatic massage is an exploratory mapping of  the entire body, using light pressure  pumping strokes to simulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This ocean  massage features a self-heating seawater mousse and replicates the movements of the sea to naturally channel the  release of all blockages and toxins

Aromavedic Massage

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30 or 60  mins

$135, $250

A delightful massage ritual using aromatherapy oils to energize the senses, revitalize the body and clear away toxins  with gentle to medium pressure. Created with three custom blends, formulated with natural plant and flower oils  beneficial to body and mind with specific massage techniques to stimulate the organs of the body,  to increase circulation and lymph flow whilst dissolving your strains and stresses, to bring about a restorative balance of mind and spirit.

Sugar Cane Signature Massage 

Sugar Cane Signature Massage 400 X 300

80 mins 


A deeply relaxing massage, which addresses your specific needs. It features a warm towel foot ritual and heat therapy. Enjoy an amazing incorporation of warm Basalt Stones, to take you on your journey to well-being.

Muscle Melt Massage 

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30 mins 0r 80 mins 

$150 or $305

Feel your stress fadding away as the warmth of basalt stones carries you on a journey to a feeling of wellbeing. This relaxing experince incooperates a swedish massage.

Bamboo Fusion Massage 

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30 mins & 80 mins

$150 & $305

Relax as this bamboo stick rolls away muscular aches and pains and takes you into a deep state of tranquility and serenity.



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