Therapeutic Massage

Surrender your senses and release all tension as the skillful hands of our therapists massage your body and rebalance your life.

Barbados  Rumba

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60 or 80 mins

$220 or $310

Surrender yourself to a Swedish massage using warm oils and a combination of free-flowing, rhythmic strokes.

Green Monkey Express 

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30 mins


In a hurry? Then this is the perfect prescription for a relaxing, tension and stress relieving treatment.

Sea Current 

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60 mins


This customizable massage utilizes the benefits of the ocean while addressing the body with relaxing or draining elixirs.

Aromavedic Massage

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30, 60 or 80 mins

$135, $250 or $330

Choose from one of our 3 custom blended aromatherapy oils to relieve stress, uplift the mood, or relax and calm the body and mind.

Couples Massage

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60 mins


Enjoy the benefits of massage while rediscovering the joys of relaxing with your significant other, family member or even a friend. 

Prepare For Your Massage 

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All prices in BDS. Discount available with Barbados ID

All rates are subject to a 7.5% VAT & 2.5% levy Tax 

For Reservations Call 1-246-422-5026 ext. 5036