Specially Designed Treatment For Men 

Men have their own specific needs in the spa so we've designed a number of packages specifically for them!

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SCC SPA Mens Special Slat scrubCustom Marine Skin Therapy

50 mins


This tailor-made facial treatment utilizes actives that address men's skin while relaxing on a warm, bubbly mud spinal compress. The face is deeply cleansed, moisturized and soothed to reduce sensitivity commonly associated with daily shaving. This treatment is a must to leave you feeling revived, relaxed and rejuvenated. Put your best face forward!

SCC SPA Mens Special massage2Forest Rejuvenation Package

4hrs 25mins


To experience the warmth and harmony of the Caribbean, this package has been created just for you, Beginning with the Barbados Rumba massage designed to help release muscular tension. After we have relaxed your body, we will then treat you to a customized facial specific to your skin's needs. Breathe new life into your skin leaving it clear, calm and fresh. Finish off with the Sport's Manicure and Pedicure, leaving the nails looking clean and well groomed-every woman's dream.

SCC SPA Mens Special massageNature's Bliss Package

2hrs 40mins


Start your journey with a Hot Mud and Salt Scrub Massage, the perfect treatment to help remove the grit and grime, followed by a relaxing yet energizing body massage will then stimulate circulation and help to relax muscle tension. Finish off your treatment with the Custom Marine Skin Therapy facial designed specially with you in mind. Your face will be deeply cleansed, moisturized and soothed to help reduce sensitivity from shaving leaving you feeling revived, relaxed and rejuvenated.

SCC SPA Mens Special mudHot Mud and Salt Scrub Massage Treatment

80 mins


Relax and renew with this all inclusive massage treatment. Your journey begins with a Sea Salt Body Scrub to smooth rough, dry skin. Followed by a full body massage-including our Hot Spot mud application to detoxify and relax tight muscles.

SCC SPA Mens Special nail careSports Manicure

60 mins


Wholesome nail care. Using the highest quality products we will groom your nails, cuticles and skin. This vitamin enriched manicure begins with a luxurious soak followed by an exfoliation, leaving hands silky and soft. A sumptuous hand and arm massage will leave your skin feeling satiny smooth and invigorated.

SCC SPA Mens Special sports pediSports Pedicure

60 mins


Just like our Sports Manicure, but for your feet. Pamper yourself with our enriched seawater soak containing essential oils. After grooming of nails and feet, drift away with our invigorating yet relaxing lower leg and foot massage leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

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