La Salsa Dinner Menu #2 


Soup of the day 


Six Mens Seafood

Seared Scallops,  Marinated Octopus, Black Mussels, Basil Laced          
Whipped Tomatoes, Mandarin salsa, Pickled herbs.

Prosciutto Bruschetta

Crispy Prosciutto, Garlic Crostini, Mandarina salsa, Homemade Pesto                                      28

Artisan Mixed Salad

Organic lettuce, Pepper jack cheese, Cranberries shredded vegetables, Passion fruit vinaigrette 25

Vegetable Samosas

Homemade samosas, Torn lettuce and herbs, Sweet chili sauce 25

Main Course 

Stuffed Chicken

Deep fried chicken, Pepper jack, Spinach, Fried plantain, Herb mashed potatoes, Mango glaze                50

Catch of the Day 

Blackened fish, Warm Potato Salad, Cherry Tomato salsa 45

Grilled Steak

Grilled Sweet Potatoes, Roasted vegetable, Horseradish Gravy 65

Mussels Linguine

Black Mussels, Al dente linguine, Fresh herb cream, Warm garlic bread 52

Curried Vegetable bowll...

Grilled Vegetables, Chickpeas, Herb Basmati rice 40

Treat Yourself Menu 

Chargrilled 10oz Tenderloin Steak

Filet Steak, Cilantro Infused Mash Potatoes, Grilled Vegetables  and wilted spinach, PepperCorn Sauce  AI Supplement  $50/ Reg $90

Caribbean Lobster Tail

Thermidor or Grilled, Truffle Oil Mash Potatoes, Mirepoix of Baton Vegetables                          AI Supplement  $50/ Reg $95

Rosemary Lamb Rack

Grilled Rack of Rosemary Scented Lamb with Honeyed Sweet Potato Mash minted jus and marinated vegetables  AI Supplement $50 / Reg $80