Body Cocoons

Our intensive, full-body, relaxing body cocoon treatments achieve incredible therapeutic results to bring about an enhanced state of calm and well-being. All cocoons begin with exfoliation to remove impurities and prepare the skin for the absorption of the natural elements contained in our mineral rich body masques. After the masque sequence your body will be cocooned for ultimate relaxation and retention of the active nutrients. All therapies end with a custom blended moisturizer for velvety smooth skin and a blissfully relaxing scalp massage.

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Firming & Anti Cellulite Marine Body Wrap 

50 mins 


A targeted treatment therapy, designed with powerful ingredients beneficial in reducing cellulite and rebuilding damaged collagen whilst contouring excess fat. Treatment includes a deep marine anti-cellulite scrub, proven specific massage technology in draining and detoxifying, followed by a body wrap to allow the formula to penetrate the skin for a smooth, taut appearance. A series of treatments is recommended for best results in addition to our Alguomer Detoxifying Seaweed Bath.


Detoxifying & refortifying Body Wrap 

50 mins 


This spectacularly rich self-heating, high-grade algae cocoon, delivers mineralizing, rejuvenating and soothing effects to tight, congested tissues and muscles, whilst relieving fatigue and exhaustion throughout the body. The featured sea-weed based mud with its complex marine nutrients draws out toxins and impurities while infusing your skin cells with all the minerals and trace elements it craves to completely detoxify, revitalize and restore cellular and circulatory activity in one treatment. Drink lots of water and enjoy a refreshed feeling of lightness and balance.