Sugar Cane Club Rated # 2 in the Caribbean for Relaxation and Spa!

With its proven track record of exceptional service, immaculate grounds and facilities, it’s no wonder our Mediterranean-style Hotel & Spa was rated by Trip Advisor as No. 2 in the Caribbean and No.15 worldwide for Relaxation and Spa in 2012.

A hallmark of the property, the Sugar Cane Spa continues to commit to enhancing the lives of guests with treatments that represent more than 50 years of continuous innovation and inspiration. For example, one of our most popular treatments, Body Rejuvenation, uses ingredients from the healing ocean to rejuvenate and renew the entire body, followed by a luxurious relaxing massage to stimulate the Chakra centers.

Once body and spirit have been aligned, then it’s time to get active and connect with nature. Get your comfy shoes out as Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at 10, Sugar Cane Club’s head gardener Rodney takes you out to explore the nature trail as wildlife such as monkey and roosters freely roam the length and breadth of the property. At the end of the hike, coconuts are picked and cut and everyone is served refreshing coconut water. What a great way to end a hike, and reconnect with what makes Barbados so special!