Rum Board Selection 2018

Since Barbados is one of the original birthplaces of rum it’s only appropriate that we at Sugar Cane Club celebrate our history with a wide selection of rums for our visitors to enjoy.  Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane by-products. It is produced throughout the world and each country has its own traditions that are used in production which give each rum its own distinct characteristics.

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Many rums are aged in wood casks and this can often be a determining factor on the color of rum produced in the end. Climate also plays a role in the process. Rum produced in the tropics will generally be aged for shorter periods, around three to five years, whereas rum of a similar colour produced in North America may be aged for around 10 years.

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It’s also common for rum distiller to use old bourbon barrels for the aging process because they cannot be reused in the whiskey’s production. This has been known to add a hint of whiskey like flavor to the rum.

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The majority of rum is bottled at 40% alcohol by volume(80)proof. Of course, they are some exceptions including overproof rums which can reach 151 proof. This higher alcohol content makes these a popular choice for lighting drinks on fire.

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As with many things, quality and price vary from one brand to another. They are many styles of rum with many potential additives. These include Cachaca, which is one of the sweetest rums available due to its distillation process which skips the molasses and instead uses pure sugar cane juice. Flavored rum is another example which is created by adding spices and aromatics during distillation. Coconut rum has become very popular but there is a wide variety of flavors available including strawberry and mango

Below you will find our new rum board selections!

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