5 Reasons You Need To Try A Hydro Therapy Bath

Hydrotherapy refers to the use of water, both internally and externally, in a therapeutic way. Along with several other health benefits like increasing circulation, it is notably used to aid relaxation and soothe pain.

Well known as water therapy, Sugar Cane Club Spa offers several unique and relaxing baths for you, your family and/or your friends to indulge in, in our specially designed hydrotherapy tub. Before we get into our special treatments however, let’s first discuss the benefits.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

1. Encourages the flow of blood

The warm or hot water from the bath will cause the body’s temperature to rise, causing an increase in blood flow. This improved circulation helps with several illnesses and injuries as it helps the circulation of oxygen to the brain and other organs. It also promotes healthy skin and cell growth.

2. Stimulates and boosts the immune system

The increased blood flow also assists with the circulation and removal of lymph (the fluid which collects and carries unwanted bacteria and materials from the body) from the body. This helps strengthen the immune system.

3. Influences the production of stress hormones

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Hydrotherapy also stimulates the production of endorphins (the feel good hormone) which helps to relieve pain, discomfort and stress.

4. Releases tight muscles

Due to the weightless feeling in the water, the pressure and tension placed on muscles and limbs on land is drastically reduced. This treatment is therefore great for athletes as a way to aid and speed up muscle recovery after a workout.

5. We offer a variety of treatments that you can easily add your spa day

If you’ve been sold on the benefits here are the Hydrotherapy treatments Sugar Cane Club Spa offers.

Relaxing Bath Crystals (20 minutes)

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This treatment combines scented, effervescent crystals in a calming bubble bath to offer the height of relaxation and comfort. This bath is great for taking load off after a long week.
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Alguomer Detoxifying Bath (20 minutes)

This bath with lyophilized seaweeds is perfect for increasing blood flow and boosting the immune system. This bath is well paired with our full Detoxify and Refortify Body Treatment Cocoon.
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Sea Salt Bath (20 minutes)

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This warm bath is ideal for athletes looking to soak away muscular aches and pains. It’s also great for easing arthritic pain.
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