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The Sugar Cane Spa

Special Spa Packages


Tropical Ravine Escape

Come and unwind in our dipping pool before enjoying the ultimate in relaxation with our Golden Treasures Scrub. Let your body be swept away by the scents of golden Artemisia and passion flower while the day-to-day stresses get sloughed away. While the body is still fresh and tingling you will step into our massage room where the benefits of massage are yours for the taking. The aromatic oils will be easily absorbed into your skin leaving it baby soft. No treatment is complete without your specialized facial. Epice Facial will leave the skin feeling nourished and glowing through the use of botanical products.


Sugar Cane Rush

After a hard day's work the body is desirous of a good cleansing and nothing does that better than our Sugar Cane Rush treatment. Slip into our hydrotherapy tub and let the pressurized jets relax every muscle in your body. The Sugar Cane Body polish will then help to gently remove all traces of roughness through the use of marine sugar crystals and oils. Top off this amazing exfoliation with our Hydrating Manicure and Caribbean Sea Pedicure leaving your skin refreshed and renewed from top to bottom.

Pamper Me in Paradise

What better way to truly enjoy a day in paradise than with the Pamper Me in Paradise treatment. The Hydrotherapy tub will help take your senses to a new place while your muscles become more relaxed. Come enjoy the feeling of experienced hands working all the knots out of your tired body. The Sugar Cane Island of Youth facial will then help to renew the face leaving you glowing from inside out. Complementing the Sugar Cane Island of Youth facial is the Hydrating Manicure and Caribbean Sea Pedicure. The hands and feet will be left feeling like new.

Sunset Romance (For Couples)

Enjoy a Swedish massage together in the warmth of a candlelit room, filled with soothing aromas. A personalized prescription facial, unique to your skin type, using a therapeutic sea-based product is used to boost your complexion and revive skin's texture. Your hands will be exfoliated using sweet almond oil and sea salt to gently nourish and moisturize. A luxurious marine inspired facial for the feet, which includes special attention to the heel area incorporating a hydrating cucumber cream and a 3 step exfoliation process using sea salt and alpha hydroxy acid will leave your feet feeling refreshed and smooth.