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The Sugar Cane Spa

The Sugar Cane Spa

Come and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with our full range of treatments. The Spa features seven treatment rooms offering hydrotherapy, massage, a steam room and a relaxation area with dipping pool. Visit the Spa, whether for an hour or for a day of escape and enjoy an extensive range for treatments offered by our experienced professional therapists.

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Spa Information

Therapeutic Massage

female-having-therapeutic-massage-at-spaSurrender your senses and release all tension as our skilled massage therapists use their thumbs, fingers and palms to rub your body and rebalance your life.

Barbados Rumba (30, 60 or 80 mins)

Surrender yourself to a Swedish massage using warm oils and a combination of free flowing, rhythmic strokes. We will restore perfect equilibrium to body and mind, while calming the nerves and relaxing tight muscle groups. A perfect escape from stress, this treatment is customized to address your specific needs.

Green Monkey Express (30 mins)

In a hurry? Then this is the perfect prescription for a relaxing, tension and stress relieving treatment.



Sugar Cane Spa is proud to offer facial services that address the needs of every skin type and condition. Each treatment is not only designed to produce a radiant complexion, but to also offer an experience of total relaxation. We have selected the finest skin care products in the world and are proud to offer you the purest choice in thalassotherapy, the most therapeutic use of seawater and marine-based ingredients.

The Sugar Cane Island of Youth Facial (80 mins)

This is the facial you have long envisioned. The miraculous sequence begins with a back massage followed by lavishing your skin with regenerating ingredients. Renew the skin and stimulation of cellular activity through massage erasing fine lines and wrinkles. A cooling plastifying mask is applied over active anti-wrinkle and firming concentrates, relaxing you completely while the hands and feet are massaged.


female-hands-on-display-after-a-manicureA beautiful finishing polish completes all of our manicure treatments.

Sugar Cane Signature Manicure (75 mins)

Need a little extra luxury? Then our signature manicure is the perfect antidote. Hands are soaked in warm lotion for total rejuvenation. Exfoliate with a warm scrub followed by a luxurious massage which is both therapeutic and beautifying. Your skin will emerge glowing and velvety to the touch.

Hydrating Manicure (60 mins)

Keep skin and nails hydrated with a signature blend of oils, promoting strong and flexible natural nails.


female-feet-on-display-after-a-manicureA beautiful finishing polish completes all of our pedicure treatments.

Sugar Cane Signature Pedicure (75 mins)

Get your feet ready for another go around! Bathe your feet in our relaxing bath crystals. After grooming, a body serum is used to tone and invigorate legs and feet. A moisturizing body cream massage is then applied and feet are wrapped in warm towels to enhance penetration. This treatment is topped off with a soothing leg gel which will relieve and refresh tired legs.

Caribbean Sea Pedicure (75 mins)

Pleasures of the sea! A seawater soak enriched in essential oils softens calluses and cuticles.

Special Spa Packages


Tropical Ravine Escape

Come and unwind in our dipping pool before enjoying the ultimate in relaxation with our Golden Treasures Scrub. Let your body be swept away by the scents of golden Artemisia and passion flower while the day-to-day stresses get sloughed away. While the body is still fresh and tingling you will step into our massage room where the benefits of massage are yours for the taking. The aromatic oils will be easily absorbed into your skin leaving it baby soft. No treatment is complete without your specialized facial. Epice Facial will leave the skin feeling nourished and glowing through the use of botanical products.


Hydrotherapy Bath

client-having-a-hydrotherapy-treatment The healing effects of water have been shown to increase circulation, improve the performance of the lymphatic system and soothe nerves. So whether you're a tub soaker at home or confirmed shower type, consider trying one of our therapy treatments in a specially designed hydrotherapy tub. Each wonderful treatment can be enjoyed on its own or combined with other spa indulgences to create a duo ritual.

Relaxing Bath Crystals (20 mins)

Delightfully scented effervescent crystals will release relaxing bubbles to bewitch your senses and offer total well-being.


Body Scrubs

female-being-massagedOne key to beautiful skin is through exfoliation or the removal of dead skin cells. This refinement process not only makes the skin feel smoother; it actually accelerates the growth of new cells. These new cells are better at absorbing moisture applied to the surface, thus maintaining the moisture balance needed for healthy, glowing skin.

Island of Delights Body Glow (30 mins)

Purification for the entire epidermis is achieved in this treatment as an aromatic and coarse grained preparation is vigorously applied to the body. A warm shower rinse melts away the scrub and is followed with a luxurious application of hydrating cream. Experience skin that is soft, supple and tingling with renewed life.


Body Cocoons

client-having-a-full-body-cocoon-treatment All full-body cocoons begin with a dry brushing to remove impurities while preparing the skin for the penetration of natural elements contained in the body wrap. After a full body application of body masque the body will be cocooned for ultimate relaxation and absorption of active nutrients. Unwind during a relaxing scalp massage, and enjoy a custom-blended moisturizer mixture as the treatment's finale.

Detoxify and Refortify Body Treatment (50 mins)

Wrap yourself in a self-heating and bubbly mud drawing out toxins and impurities while infusing your skin cells with all the minerals and trace elements it craves. A unique mixture of seaweeds and seawater allows this treatment to completely detoxify and remineralize you in one treatment. Drink lots of water and enjoy a refreshed feeling of lightness and balance.


Specially Designed For Men

client-having-a-treatment-specially-designed-for-menCustom Marine Skin Therapy (50 mins)

This tailor-made facial treatment utilizes actives that address men's skin while relaxing on a warm, bubbly mud spinal compress. The face is deeply cleansed, moisturized and soothed to reduce sensitivity commonly associated with daily shaving. This treatment is a must to leave you feeling revived, relaxed and rejuvenated. Put your best face forward!


Gel Nail Enhancements

manicured-female-nails-on-displayUV Sculpting Gels are a fresh, easy approach to natural nail enhancements. Create natural looking overlays on the natural nail to give added strength or extend with tips. Gels offer the versatility of being durable, thin, flexible and natural looking. Choose from the natural look to the perfect long lasting French manicure.

Nail Extensions

The perfect opportunity to wear beautifully cared for nails in almost an endless variety of length and strength.

Bridal Party Packages

wedding-bandsSpend a day at the spa while you prepare for the "big day".

Your walk down the aisle begins at Sugar Cane Spa, your special day is as important to us as it is to you. We have designed a variety of wonderful ways to help you look and feel beautiful as you begin your walk down the aisle. From massages and facials to fabulous body treatments, "got to show off that ring" manicures and pedicures; our wide range of treatments is ideal for everyone.