Special Spa Packages

females relaxing after special spa treatment

Tropical Ravine Escape

Begin this escape in our scented steam before embarking on all alluring aromatic escape with our Golden Treasures Scrub. Float away as your body is treated to the relaxing benefits of an aromatic Swedish massage that gently kneads and pummel to a blissful state of euphoria, complete with our nourishing customized facial.

Sugar Cane Rush

After a hard day's work, the body is desirous of a good cleansing and nothing does that better than our Sugar Cane Rush treatment. Slip into our relaxing hydrotherapy bath and let the pressurized jets relax every muscle in your body. The Sugar Cane Body polish will then help to gently remove all traces of roughness through the use of marine sugar crystals and oils. Top off this amazing exfoliation with our Hydrating Manicure and Caribbean Sea Pedicure leaving your skin refreshed and renewed from head to toe.

Pamper Me in Paradise

This journey begins with an effervescent hydrotherapy bath that is delightful to the senses as your body unwinds. Our customized Swedish massage takes you deeper to untangle any remaining knots left in your body whilst our island of Youth Facial renews the face to leave you radiant. We complete this voyage with our Hydrating Manicure and Signature Pedicure. Includes lunch and beverage.

Sunset Romance (For Couples)

Enjoy a deeply relaxing Swedish massage together in the warmth of a candlelit room, filled with soothing aromas. Luxuriate in our customized marine-inspired facial, unique and personal to your skins specific needs whilst a sweet almond oil and sea salt exfoliant nourishes and moisturizes the hands. A 3 step marine-inspired pedicure completes this sojourn yo leave you feeling renewed. Includes lunch and wine

Body Ritual 

Inhale the calming and rebalancing benefits of a wild lavender geranium bath, followed by our uplifting and detoxifying full body scrub. This holistic package ends with a luxurious full body massage leaving your skin feeling firm and soft.

Caribbean Breeze

Sugar Cane Spa is offering Spa "tapas" allowing our clients to experience some of the rejuvenating elements our spa offers, such as our Body Scrubs, Balancing Massages, Customized Facials, and Mini Manicures. Always focused on achieving your four states of well-being: physical, spiritual, emotional and social.

The Bajan Queen

Offer a beautiful interlude beginning with the captivating floral essences found in our legendary Golden Body Wrap followed by our therapeutic full body massage to further absorb the nutrients into your skin. Our targeted facial leaves your skin nourished and glowing, ending with our Souffle' Marin Pedicure

Romantic Bliss (for couples - 4hrs 35 mins)

2 Massages, 2 Facials, 2 Signature Manicures and Pedicures, 2 Spa Lunches and Wine